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What is the maximum deduction available under section 80 d of income tax act?

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posted Jun 21 by Adarsh

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1 Answer

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Amount exempted under Section 80D
Least of the following is allowed to be deducted from Gross Total Income of the Taxpayer for 80D:

a. Actual Mediclaim Insurance Premium paid

b. Rs. 15,000

In case the Mediclaim Insurance Premium paid is for a Senior Citizen (person above 65 years), least of the following is allowed as deduction :

a. Actual Mediclaim Insurance Premium paid

b. Rs. 20,000

Please note that payment should not be in cash (only payment of Rs 5000/- permitted in cash for Preventive health checkup, which is also include in the limit of 15000/20000 respectively.

answer Jun 22 by Deepak Jangid
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