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Who should apply for registration under Service Tax law? Is there any provision for Centralized Registration?

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posted Jun 20 by Purabi Sarkar

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1 Answer

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Registration under Service Tax law is for following :-

  • Every person providing a taxable service of value exceeding Rs. 9 lakhs, is required to register with the central excise or service tax office having jurisdiction over the office of such service provider.
  • In case a recipient is liable to pay service tax, registration is required by him.
  • There is also provision for centralised registration
  • The ‘Input Service Distributors’ also require registering themselves.

Centralized Registration :-

Service providers having centralised accounting or centralised billing system, at their option, can have Centralised registration at one or more places. Commissioner of Central Excise/Service Tax in whose jurisdiction centralized account or billing office of the assessees exists, is empowered to grant centralized registration.

answer Jun 21 by Amrita
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