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What are the advantages and disadvantages in converting a proprietorship to a private limited company in India?

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posted Jun 19 by Abu Anam

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1 Answer

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Proprietorship is ideal if you are in the initial stage of business but if you want to do big and want to form some structures then
a legal form is always required which is a Private Limited Company.

Most importantly the liability is limited in pvt. ltd vs. unlimited for proprietorship. Secondly pvt ltd structure lends more credibility when seeking funding/loan etc.

Following are the main advantages in Private limited:
1. Limited liability protection that means personal assets are safe.
2. You can introduce more than one person in the business i.e. More than one shareholder in the business
3. Separate legal entity
4. Borrowed capacity from Financial Institutions
5. Can issue Esops to Employees
6. Can easily get funding from banks, VCs/ HNIs / FIIs
7. Ability to sell or transfer the business easily
8. Ability to get private equity funding / angel funding.

answer Jun 20 by Pratiksha Shetty
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