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Are the provisions with regard to CSR applicable to foreign companies in India?

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posted Aug 4 by Prajwal C.m.

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1 Answer

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In terms of Rule 3(1) of the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2013, a foreign company having its office or project office in India which fulfills the criteria specified in Section 135(1) is required to comply with the provisions of Section 135 of the Act and the Rules there under.

The net-worth, turnover or net profit of a foreign company is to be computed in accordance with the balance sheet and profit and loss account of the foreign company prepared with respect to its Indian business operations in accordance with schedule III or as near thereto as may be possible for each financial year.

Therefore foreign company having its branch office or project office in India which fulfills the criteria specified under section 135(1) is required to constitute a CSR Committee and comply with the spending of 2% of average net profits as per financial statement of its Indian business operations in CSR activities in India.

answer Aug 8 by Adarsh
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