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What is the type of visa granted to foreigners wishing to work with NGOs registered in India?

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posted Jul 31 by Mukul Chag

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1 Answer

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A foreigner who wishes to come to India for honorary work (without salary) with NGOs registered in India may be granted Employment Visa with special endorsement on his/ her E Visa “TO WORK WITH NGO— (Name of the NGO and place of work)
subject to usual checks and formalities on the following conditions:

(i) The foreigner must submit proof of his/her employment with the NGO registered in India.

(ii) The foreigner may be granted a multi- entry employment visa for one year initially. The visa may be extended by the State Governments / UTs / FRROs / FROs beyond the initial visa validity period up to a total period of 5 years from the date of issue of the initial Employment Visa, on an year to year basis, subject to good conduct, production of necessary documents in support of continued employment and no adverse security inputs about the foreigner. The period of extension shall not exceed five years from the date of issue of the initial Employment visa.

(iii) All registration formalities as per rules, after his/her arrival in India, shall be strictly complied with and the registration must be done with the FRRO/FRO within 14 days from the date of his/ her arrival.

answer Aug 2 by Reshmi S
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