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What are the limits and requirements for overseas direct investment to be made under the Automatic Route in India?

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posted Jul 26 by Rani Das

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1 Answer

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The criteria for overseas direct investment under the Automatic Route is as under:

i. The Indian Party can invest up to the prescribed limit of its net worth (as per the last audited Balance Sheet) in JV / WOS for any bonafide activity permitted as per the law of the host country. The prescribed limit vis-a-vis the net worth will not be applicable where the investment is made out of balances held in the EEFC account of the Indian party or out of funds raised through ADRs/GDRs;

ii. The Indian Party is not on the Reserve Bank’s exporters' caution list / list of defaulters to the banking system published/ circulated by the Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd. (CIBIL) /RBI or any other credit information company as approved by the Reserve Bank or under investigation by the Directorate of Enforcement or any investigative agency or regulatory authority; and

iii. The Indian Party routes all the transactions relating to the investment in a JV/WOS through only one branch of an authorised dealer to be designated by the Indian Party.

answer Jul 28 by Kavana Gowda
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