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What is the Practical usefulness of elasticity of supply and demand?

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posted Jul 12 by Swati Tyagi

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1 Answer

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The law of demand denotes that a drop in the rate of a commodity hikes the volume demanded. The price elasticity of demand measures the volume demanded responds to a variation in price. Demand for a commodity is said to be elastic if the volume demanded reacts considerably to variations in price. Demand is said to be inelastic if the volume demanded reacts only slightly to variations in the price. The price elasticity of demand for any commodity measures how enthusiastic consumers are to shift from the commodity as its price hikes. Therefore, the elasticity reproduces the many economic, social and psychological forces that shape consumer tastes. Depending on familiarity, nevertheless we can denote common rules about what ascertains the price elasticity of demand.

answer Jul 13 by Anurag Kashyap
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