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What is the difference between a “short form” and “long form” Power of Attorney?

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posted Apr 6, 2016 by Adarsh

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1 Answer

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The "short form" Power of Attorney is the most common Power of Attorney form available on line and sold in Connecticut stores. The document lists only the powers given to the agent. It is “short” because it does not include the paragraph that describes each power in detail NOR DOES IT PROVIDE FOR ESTATE PLANNING POWERS. IMPORTANT: In the statutory short form, ALL the powers listed are included; you initial in the boxes only to DELETE certain powers. The statutory short form Power of Attorney included in this web site links to the statute which describes the powers.

A "long form" Power of Attorney is available if you wish to give your agent additional "hot powers" or ESTATE PLANNING POWERS. IMPORTANT: In the long form the hot powers must be initialed IF YOU GRANT THEM TO YOUR AGENT. These powers are broad and sweeping and should only be granted after consultation with an attorney. If you execute either a "statutory short form" or " statutory long form" Power of Attorney, it would be wise to keep a copy of the statute handy.

answer Jul 24 by Rani Das
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