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What will become costlier and cheaper after implementation of GST in India ?

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posted Jul 5 by Shubham Rajput

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1 Answer

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Cheaper under GST: Food: Unpacked foodgrains, unbranded atta, maida, besan, fresh vegetables and fruits, salt, food at small restaurants, cutlery, ketchup, sauces and pickle. Personal Care: Soaps, hair oil and toothpaste. Travel and Auto: Airfares for economy class travel, bikes or scooters with engine capacity below 350 cc and SUVs. Household: Pressure cookers and pans. Entertainment: Movie tickets that cost less than Rs 100. Hotels: Rooms at non-luxury hotels and hotels with tariffs of less than Rs 7,500. Others: Footwear and Apparels, Weighing machinery, UPS, revenue stamps.

Costlier under GST: Food: Tea and coffee, food at fine dining restaurants or those inside five-star hotels. Personal Care: shampoos and deodorants. Travel and Auto: Airfare for business class and train tickets, bikes which have an engine capacity of over 350 cc. Household: TVs, refrigerators, ACs, washing machine. Entertainment: Movie tickets above Rs 100. Hotels: Hotels which have room tariffs over Rs 7,500. Courier services, mobile phone tariffs, insurance premiums, banking charges, broadband services. Sin: Aerated drinks, tobacco and luxury goods. Others: Mobile bills, tuition fees, salon visits and buying a flat or shop.

answer Jul 7 by Chetan Hindu
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